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Family, School, and Local Societies: Policies and Practices for Children

Fifteenth Biannual AIFREF Network International Conference

ProceedingsConference Proceedings

Conference program AIFREF

International Association of Training and Research on Family Education

In a period of crisis, like the present one, marked by uncertainty and the decline of social services and especially of those geared towards children's protection and education, the role of the family and local communities seems extremely crucial.

  • How do the supranational, the national and the local communities connect to each other?
  • What practices and strategies do the local communities deploy for the social protection and education of children in this interconnected framework?
  • What is our perception of the child and how do we, as institutions, society and as citizens perceive children's rights?
  • What policies and practices do the supranational, national and local institutions adopt? Which are the means that are mobilised in order to serve the institution's goals?
  • Which is the role of the family to the services provided for children?

Memories of the conference

15nth Biannual AIFREF Network International Conference - 15o Διεθνές Συνέδριο AIFREF from Aris Zisimatos on Vimeo.

Keynote speakers

Prof. Maria Malikiossi-Loizos

Dr. Nikos Sideris

Prof. Jacqueline Barnes

Prof. Ingrid Pramling Samuelsson

Prof. Jordi Garreta Bochaca

Prof. Bernard Terrisse

Prof. Loïc Chalmel


Department of Educational Science and Early Childhood Education